Gazpacho original

Gazpacho is different from any other soup, for a very concrete characteristic: the ingredients are raw and they are not cooked. This special feature gives a very particular taste to this recipe, where tomato is the main ingredient. It’s ideal to relieve the heat in the summer days, and that’s why it’s consumed chilled. It is suitable for a wide variety of diets: lactose intolerants, celiac, vegetarians…

Gazpacho is a Spanish recipe that comes from Andalucía (southern Spain) and that was created at the time of Al-Andalus. At Botularium, we prepare our Gazpacho using ripe tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, olive oil, vinegar and garlic.

It’s presented in a glass bottle and it’s available in two sizes: 750 and 250 ml. Its shelf life is 24 months from manufacturing date.

How to consume it?

This vegetable soup it’s perfect to release the heat in the summer days, and that’s why it’s recommended to be consumed chilled. It can be served with chopped vegetables, croutons, IBERICO ham, …

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