Botularium at local festivities of Santa Marta,
Albarracín 2016

26 July, 2016

Last July the 26th, Botularium was invited to participate at the local festivities of Santa Marta in Albarracín, Teruel (Spain), organized for the first time by the Albarracín Restaurant, La Taba.

This event was attended by different exhibitors that had the chance of showing and offering a tasting of their products to the hotel and restaurant innkeepers placed at the capital city of the Albarracín region.

Specifically, Botularium, organised a tasting of its Gazpacho original, its exclusive game cold cuts and its game meat pâtés with black truffle.

The event took place in a nice and relaxed atmosphere where a meaningful exchange of views was possible, between the needs of the innkeepers and the possibilities of the manufacturers.

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